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Jonathans Bio - (Bass)

Ricks Bio    - (Drums & Vocals)



Roger Shepheard - Guitar/Vocals                                                      Photo credit : Cathy

Revised 12/27/07


From the beginning:

ell, it all started when my sister Ronda, bought me a 45rpm record of “Spinning Wheel” by Blood, Sweat & Tears on my 14th birthday. It’s all her fault. I played that record until the vinyl turned into dust. Something about the beat just stayed in my head and wouldn’t go away. Little did I know this began, to this point, 39 years of trying to express myself musically. When I was 18 or 19, my best friend Mike McCormick and I were in Richmond VA for some unknown “road trip’ and we happened upon a pawn shop that had a guitar for sale. I “think” (its still very hazy, if you know what I mean), it took my last $50.00. Didn’t have any food - but man I had a guitar.

I lived in Virginia Beach Va. more than once. I loved the beach and the ocean. (Still do). I used to drive to a remote spot on Sunday, find an abandoned beach cottage and park in the drive way, sit in the sun, find a comfortable sand dune and practice, practice, practice. I was awful, but I kept trying. From there it was play anytime anybody would listen to me. I just knew someday there would be a payoff. Not sure what the “payoff” would be but I knew it would come. Virginia Beach was good to me. It’s also where I met my wife Vickie, going on 28 years of marriage as we speak.

The payoff:

Ok, I know what it is now (for me anyhow). For years all I did was give, give, give (time, effort, money and energy) to learn how to play guitar. Finally I get it. “There comes a point in time when the guitar gives back to you more than it takes”..if that makes sense. That’s when there is NO turning back. It’s the ultimate legal drug. Here's a good example. I have a studio downstairs in my home and I still practice daily. Let’s say I start at 6:00pm. Well before you know it, it’s 11:00pm and I honestly never knew where the time went and it happens every single time. That’s a big payoff. Guitar to me is the “ultimate” stress reliever and in the same breath can be a “stress creator”. More explaining below.

Fine line between passion and insanity:

Now, here comes the big problem for most of us musicians. Is it “music” or is it 9 to 5 so you can be secure, have benefits, raise a family and buy the new home and cars. Some musicians are fortunate enough and talented enough to make a living playing music, but it ain’t easy. I have the utmost respect for the one’s that do (i.e. "Barry Richman and Roger “Hurricane” Wilson of Atl Ga)… Well in my case I have tried to do both for the last 25 years and it's “frickin” hard. I’ve worked in the hi-tech industry for most of my working career during the week and then gigged on the weekends. I had to, if I was going to play music. Luckily my wife Vickie is one of my biggest fans and supporters. I’ll never forget sitting in a “C” level meeting with one of my boss’s discussing “quotas”  and thinking the whole time about SRV’s lead line in Little Wing. Or not be able to sleep at night because of a blue’s song that is stuck in you’re head. “Blue’s..please let me rest…….EC”

Meat and potatoes:

Band’s I’ve been in or started since 1980:

The JQ Band                            (Country)..and Western   (Florida)

Doubletake                              (Duo)                                     (Florida)

Hytek                                        (Midi duo)                             (Florida)

Mid-Life-Crisis                        (Blue’s/Classic Rock)         (Florida/Ga)

TwoGuysWithGuitars             (Duo)                                     (Georgia)

Break-48 Band                        (Blues’/Classic Rock)        (Georgia)

BluesNV Band                          (Blue’s/Classic Rock)        (Georgia)

The “Shufflejunkies”                (Blue’s/Classic Rock)        (Georgia)

Some of my favorite gig’s:

* Rolling Thunder Over Georgia
* Crystals on the Square

* The King Eddie Calgary Canada
* 4th of July for the City Of Woodstock
* Riverview Lounge

Some of my musical inspirations:

Eric Clapton
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Johnny Lang
Kenny Wayne Shepard
Dan Fogelberg (rest in peace brother)
BB King

There’s not much left to share with you other than my personal motto:

"Play every gig like it's your last"


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Copyright 2008, The Shufflejunkies

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