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Jonathan's Gear:                                      

Andy's Gear:




Roger Shepheard - " Gear and Stuff ":   


Electric Guitars:        (Click to enlarge photos)


('94 American Strat)    (2007 Les Paul Studio)    ('95 American Tele) 

     My number #1 all time favorite guitar is my American Strat. Its been on hundreds of gigs with me and I would never, ever sell it. I couldn't find my whammy bar for years so I just got used to snatching the hell out of the bridge with my pick hand when I wanted a nasty bend. No need for a whammy bar now!  Now I must say my good friend (Bob Bogey Patterson) turned me on to the "Les Paul Studio" at a gig one night at Crystal's On The Square... and I was blown away with the lead tone and the fact its an absolute beautiful piece of craftsmanship. I lucked out and bought a "blemmy" from Musicians Friend and it came in without a scratch on it. I reach for it every time we want to really lay into a tune.....its a beauty.  I'm hot and cold with the Tele. I get on a roll and use it at gigs from time to time but for the most part its just part of the collection.          



('77 Epiphone 12-st)    ('04 Takamine EAN-16c)     (Fender Telecoustic)

     The '77 Epiphone 12-String is another guitar I would never, ever sell. Not so much about the guitar but the fact its been with me since 1977. I learned how to play guitar with this one and it was always with me even when I lost my ass a few times financially. As a matter of fact, when I moved to Florida back in 1980, it was worth more than my car. Its a keeper and it does play great for around the camp fire gigs.  The Takamine EAN-16c is a bad ass acoustic /electric. Plays great and I actually traded a low end PRS for it. Whenever there is a need for acoustic, its always my first choice. The Fender Telecoustic is a "great" guitar but very neck heavy. Has a very "unbalanced feel" but I can overlook that easily just because of how well it plays. You can play lead all night on this guitar and hardly have a sore finger the next day.




 (Fender Twin)  (Fender Hot Rod DLX)      (Fender Blues JR)

     Well, as you can see I am a Fender amp lover. All tube, great tone, well made and there one for every gig. I can use the Fender BluesJR for 90% of the club gigs we do and still have plenty of power left over and its only 15Watts! Light as a feather and very small so its easy to carry to gigs. Tubes do seem to burn our quicker than the larger models. The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe is a 40 Watt powerhouse. I don't think I've ever had it turned up past 4 at any gig.......last but not least if the monster Fender Twin. 120 Watts of pure power. I use it quite a bit in the studio because it probably has the best tone out of the three. Probably because it weighs about 90lbs. I always use it for outside gigs that have any size to the event. I've been very happy with the Fender gear.




(Custom NGM Pedalboard and top cover)

     Ok, I get some flak about the size of this case sometimes at smaller gigs but this pedal board is the very best one I have ever purchased. Its made by NGM and I can't say enough good things about it or the guy who makes them (Nick). Nick is a pro musician who play around in Vegas and he decided to make a board he could be happy with and it turned into a full blown business. I've had mine for over 4 years and its so well made you can't even scratch the damn thing.  Only down side, its heavy when fully loaded and its a little large. Only been two gigs where I couldn't make room for it by the way.



     (Boss Tuner)        (Ibanez Tube Screamers)   (Marshall Gov' Pedal)      (Boss Delays upgraded by Analogman)

                            (CRYBABY WAH NOT PICTURED)

( Bad Bob Booster)         (AnalogMan Compressor)

     I've got one thing to say about pedals....AnalogMan, AnalogMan, AnalogMan! He upgraded both of my Ibanez Tube Screamers and it made a "huge" difference in my lead tone.  He also convinced me to use two Tube Screamers side by side. When I kick them both on it lights em' up.  He also upgraded my Boss Delays.  AnalogMan also makes his own pedal line so I highly recommend the Bad Bob Booster for kicking up the clean lead a few db and it sweetens up the tone quite a bit. The compressor is OK but I still haven't found my way yet using compressors.  Hopefully Barry Richman will set me straight again.  AnalogMan will get all my future business but his website is a bitch to navigate, he's got so much info on it.

PA gear and accessories:  


(Peavey Sp-A2 & 118 SUB)  (QSC 1400 P/S-Samson E62)            (Klipsch-KSM-1 Monitors)

     Pure and simple, the  Klipsch KSM-1 monitors have been worth their weight in gold. I bought them 13 years ago (they were pricey) and they have worked flawlessly after being used and abused.  We use two up front and one dedicated to the drummer. We use the Peavey XR-1200c for the practice studio.  Peavey light system I bought 15 years ago is still kicking and again has been another very good investment. Really makes a difference at smaller gigs.  


  (Peavey 4-Par Trees)             (Peavey Foot Controller)        (Practice studio)     (Old Peavey XR-1200C)


"Play every gig like it's your last"



All photos Copyright 2008, The Shufflejunkies

Copyright 2008, The Shufflejunkies

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