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Local Atlanta musicians and friends of The Shufflejunkies

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Carl Gentry - BluesNV 

BluesNV Promo


Dano "Moca Man" Ponce


John Nania - BluesNV


Legacy Park 2007

"Thunder Over Georgia" Break-48 Band


Steve Spencer & Jimmy Friedel - FLH 

Roger & Kemper with Roger "Hurricane" Wilson


"Thunder Over Georgia"

 Mike Thomlin

Kemper Watson & Bill Howell running sound

BluesNv Band with Bernard Purdey

Kemper @ Little River Grille


TwoGuysWithGuitars @ Big Canoe 

Jeff & Jennifer Daniels @ Canton Music Festival

Russ Powell - TGWG

Saturday Night Live-Horn players

Ray Tanner & Daryl Harris @ Eaglewatch

Bob "Bogey" Patterson @ Mellow Mushroom

BluesNV Promo Shot

Roger @ King Eddies Calgary Canada

"Mr." Mark Cook

Andy Margolis - The Shufflejunkies(sm)

Bill Pound

Bill Pound


"Mr." Lo Woods

Andy Margolis @ Little River Grille

Steve Spencer @ FLH Band

King Eddies - Calgary Canada

Roger- Sidebar Grille - Jasper Georgia

Larry & Chad - The Totally Savage Band

Break-48 Flash

Larry Savage

Nick Edelstein Band

Butch Evans - Butch & The Buckheads

Wes Faulkner - The Nacho Daddies

Ray Tanner

Dano " Moca Man" Ponce

The Unconformists

Barry Richman @ Les Paul

Dano with Bernard Purdey

Bob Rumor  CrossTown Allstars

The Looseshoes Band

John Quinlivan and Pauly JQB

JQB Band - Melbourne Fl

Paul Santa Marie - JQB 

"Naked" chicks for Barry R.








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