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Jonathan Holland - Bio - (Bass)

Rick Shoemaker  -  Bio   - (Drums / Vocals)

Roger Shepheard - Bio   - (Guitar / Lead & Vocals)


Band Bio:

The Shufflejunkies are an Atlanta based blues and classic rock trio that are guaranteed to give you what you need if you’re a blues lover. This power trio pours its heart and soul into every show whether performing for 50 or 5,000.  In addition to their growing number of original songs, the band covers music from a wide diversity of blues and rock icons such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Ray Charles, Albert Collins, ZZ Top and Tom Petty, just to name a few.  The musicians’ years of stage experience, high energy and raw passion for what they do is obvious from the first note.  This band is guaranteed to rock the house and make you a Shufflejunkie too!



Photo credit : Sheri Pope

                                                                       The Shufflejunkies



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