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ShuffleNews 11/26/10  - " hOT oFF tHE pRESS "



We are opening for The Atlanta Rhythm Section Friday, Dec 3rd.  We are stoked.  Also honored to be performing with national recording artist Roger "Hurricane" Wilson on Jan 28th. Both shows at Kybele on Marietta Square, Marietta Ga!!!




he Great “Licks’N’Sticks” Monsoon. 

“The Shufflejunkies ” burn down “Smith’s Olde Bar”.

Hey!! We’re getting Internet radio play!


As reported in the last “ShuffleNews”, anticipation was mounting for the SJ’s to open for The Marshall Tucker Band, The Georgia Satellites, The Atlanta Rhythm Section and Jimmie Van Zant at the “Licks’N’Sticks” music festival. The day finally arrived and the band and crew gathered early in the morning to caravan up to the festival location in Rome, Georgia.

As soon as we arrived, representatives of “Enlightenment Productions” greeted us with apologies that the SJ’s and indeed ALL of the opening acts had been assigned to a side stage. Something about “riders” signed between previous reps from the company and the reps from the headlining acts. The crew and reps from “Enlightenment Productions “are to be commended for their graciousness and helpfulness. Special thanks to Sharon for letting us use her private RV to change clothes in. Sure beat the heck out of using a Port-A-John!

The first 3 opening acts took the stage and did a great job. As we were staging our gear, the sky began to turn a little dark, but not too worrisome.

We opened with “8 Up With The Blues” and had the audience hooked from the opening lick. We cruised through the next 4 songs with an occasional glance skyward toward growing clouds, but soldiered on fearlessly. Nearing the end of our set, we broke out “Fishin’ Hole” in which Rog apparently had an out of body experience, channeling Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn in a blistering mid song solo. I swear his eyes were rolled back in his head! We customarily receive a really powerful response from the audience on this tune, and this occasion didn’t disappoint. The listeners pretty much came unglued when we slammed it home.

We launched into our closing tune “Standing On Shaky Ground” (a real crowd pleaser) and about a minute into it, the first fat drops of rain started. It very quickly became obvious that we should wrap it up, as large numbers of high voltage implements and a wet stage don’t mix well. We cut short the song, and thanks to our dauntless crew, got our gear shut down and off the stage in record time.

We all retreated to our vehicles or other shelter to wait it out, but the rain got stronger and stronger. This was WAY more than a summer shower, to the point that there was 6 inches of water on the ground and folks tuned the festival grounds into a giant “Slip and Slide” ala “Woodstock”. Great fun!

Finally, and sadly, after over an hour of torrential downpour with no end in sight, the event planners called the whole thing off. That’s it, the end, no show today folks.

Unfortunately, the other 2 winners of the “Battle of the Bands” did not get to play at all. Our sympathies go to “Thrillhammer” and “Fuel Injection”. Fine guys and great sounding bands.

My suspicion is that the Rock Gods were not pleased that “The Shufflejunkies ” had been relegated to a side stage, and the rain starting at the very end of our set was their response J

One great bonus of our participation was that we grabbed the attention of Chuck Gooch who operates The Georgia Jukebox, an internet radio station and all thing musical source. He’s got “8 Up With The Blues” playing worldwide. Thanks Chuck!!

The following night, we played out debut gig at “Smith’s Olde Bar”. For those who don’t know, “Smith’s” is considered to be a premier music spot in Atlanta, having been graced by the likes of David Bowie, Johnny Winter and King’s X. So, yeah, we were sort of excited.

We were part of a Sunday night showcase and shared the stage with Sandia, an amazing fusion/rock/jazz quartet from Huntsville, AL. ( ), and The Nick Edelstein band, a local favorite ( ). As a special treat, Barry Richman was in the house, and gave a scorching accompaniment to 2 of Nick’s tunes. Barry is THE Atlanta guitar gunslinger, and a heck of a great guy.  (Barry happens to be a SJ fan, and has given us a very nice plug, seen on our home page.)

We put on a great show and presented the World Premier of the “Shufflettes”, Mindy, Kim, and Lisa. The girls did a fantastic job on backup vocals for 2 songs, and Mindy (who will soon be Mrs. Andy The Drummer) returned to stage to lend her operatic prowess (she just so happens to sing with the Atlanta Symphony. Yeah, pretty cool huh?) to a new song of ours written by Andy; “Phantom Blues”.

Mega, the sound man at “Smith’s” is a MONSTER! The sound was great as was the audience. Our thanks to all the “Shuffleheads” who came to see us. As a result of a very high attendance to see us (they ask each person at the door which band they have come to see), it’s looking pretty good that we’ll be asked back.

So here’s the plan: We get Andy married up at the end of August (finally) and once he recovers from the honeymoon, we will be out in force. Be looking for an increased number of gig dates, and then bring your butt to a show to get “Shuffleized”.


Check back. We’re just getting’ tuned up…



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Copyright 2008, The Shufflejunkies

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