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Ricks Bio    - (drums / lead vocals)

Rogers Bio   - (guitar / lead & vocals)

***Jonathan Holland has been providing "in-the-pocket”bass chores for Atlanta area bands since 1977, playing with

"On Ramp", "Weasel and the "Nads", "Exit 5", "Totally Savage" and "The Nightshades".  His solid rock and blues bass phrasing, and strong integration with Ricks drumming provides the low frequency "grunt and growl" for the band.


Jonathan Holland  - Bass

I made it into the world in 1959 and was immediately immersed in Jazz, Blues and Big Band music. My father was a talented improvisational Jazz and Blues pianist having at one time “sat in” with Pete Fountain at New Orleans’ famed Preservation Hall. My father inspired and encouraged me musically from a young age, playing a steady album menu of Jazz and Blues greats.


After studying piano for several years, I decided that guitar would be a better choice as I noticed, “guitar players got the girls”. I seemed to gravitate to the top 4 strings and played a solid rhythmic style, which prompted a friend to place a bass in my hands. At age 14, I had discovered my true musical calling.

There were NO decent bass players in my school, so I got into every cool band that started up. My old man tolerated the rock and roll, and took time to tutor me in Blues and Jazz passages, explaining the relation that the bass had to the composition. We’d listen to stuff together and he’d compliment or critique the bass passages as we listened. He has a great ear and I learned a lot by “listening” through his ears. Eventually, he even let me explain some rock and roll to him. Despite the normal father/son turmoil, we had a really cool musical relationship. He was always very supportive of me musically, and my first bass guitar was the only ‘I wanna!’ that I didn’t have to beg for.

As a young man, I played with several local rock bands in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  None of them really ever took off, but we made some small local splashes and had a great time.  Marriage and children placed me in a musical hiatus for several years but during that time I still kept my hand in by jamming with friends, playing gigs from time to time and doing some occasional CD tracks for various projects.

With the kids raised, and with the encouragement of my wife Angela, I jumped back into the fray with a vengeance playing blues/rock/soul/Motown with such bands as “Totally Savage”,  “The Nightshades”, and “The Work In progress Band” as well as playing “hired gun” for several other local bands. In late 2007, I teamed up with Roger and Andy for the launch of “The Shufflejunkies” (tm).

 The “Power Trio" thing is something I’ve always wanted to do. The bass/drummer relationship is paramount in this approach. Andy’s solid phrasing is a joy to tag into. He’s a solid drummer, and this just makes what I do so much easier and more enjoyable. We make a good rhythm team.

My childhood included 10 years in Southeast Asia and during that period I traveled extensively. I listened to and was influenced by many indigenous musical styles.  Wherever we traveled to, my Mom and Dad would drag my sister and I out to find the local music "joint". I was fascinated by what I heard and even as a young child, I can remember paying attention to the different rhythm styles. I’d play these beats in my head incessantly, and my Mom used to yell at me for always having some "rhythm" thing going with my hands and feet.

My influences go from mainstream to obscure and include Hendrix (I know it’s cliché, but he was THE man.), Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck (’Take 5’ had a more profound effect on me than the first time I had sex. Seriously.), Buddy Miles, Osibisa (If anyone can bring me one of their old albums, I’ll shave my head for it.), Muddy Waters, Blues Explosion, Tommy Shannon of "Double Trouble",Flaming Lips ( Ya’ gotta love their stage presence.) and many, many more.

When I’m playing, I just get carried away and totally immersed in the groove. The rhythm seems to just be part of me, an extension. It’s the best escape from reality that I’ve found. And believe me brother, I’ve investigated a few.



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