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And now, a little about my custom bass guitars…  


" My Latest P51 Holland "....




                  Here’s some of the notable features :

 1)  Inserted, flush Australian Lacewood “pick-guard”.

 2)  Swamp Ash body in Butterscotch Blonde finish.

 3)  Tiger Stripe maple neck.

 4) “String through” bridge (I won’t use any other setup).

 5)  Seymour Duncan 3 band pre-amp (18 volts-this sucker THUMPS!).

 6)  Hand wound pickups (oh, I’m soooo proud).

 7)  Hidden “air coil” under the “pick-guard” for noise cancelling. 

       Pickup is switchable between humbucking and single  coil.

 8)  Lots and lots of clear lacquer finish. It looks about 6 miles deep!


     I made my first 5 string un-lined fretless out of necessity. I needed one, but the only one’s that I could afford were, quite frankly, crap! So I dug in and 237 stupid mistakes latter, I had a great sounding and incredibly beautiful bass. Everyone I showed it to (and more importantly, PLAYED it for) told me that I might be on to something, so I kept building them for friends and family. This “hobby” has evolved into a passion to build basses that look, play and sound like the $3500.00 (and up) basses that most folks just can’t afford.

I hand pick the best woods chosen for tonal qualities and beauty. Every component is hand cut using templates of my own design.  The components are crafted one at a time and fitted precisely.  I use design details not found on many other basses, such as headstocks inlaid with wood matching the body and wood covered electronic cavities. They are sanded down to 0000 steel wool and hand finished withTung Oil (sometimes lacquer, depending on the type of wood).  The result is considerably better than mass- produced basses, even the good ones. My basses are guaranteed to the original owner for life. Yes, LIFE! If it ever fails due to something I did wrong, I’ll repair it or build you a new one. Forever. Prices begin at $800.00 for a hand-made in the U.S.A. bass guitar!


Give me a call if I can help you with your current bass, or even just answer a question.

Let me make your baby sound it’s best, or get you into a new Holland Handmade Bass.  




Contact Jonathan Holland  : 770.789.4014 (a.k.a "Brutha Boots")