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Custom designed (owner’s design) one of a kind guitar made for Nick Edelstein with touring band “5 Star Iris”.

Black Limba body, flame maple neck with compound radius Rosewood fretboard, custom electronics configuration (mid sweep tone stack, custom switching allowing 8 different p/u combinations) driving DiMarzio pickups. Nick has another of my hot rodded guitars as well, and coined the phrase: “When I’m on the road, HMI’s are the ‘only guitars in the car’”.










Nicks other HMI guitar.....

A non descript offshore Strat that I wound a set of “Vintage Spec” HMI pickups for and installed with custom tone circuit. Full shielding and special grounding mods make this baby dead quiet. Nick tells me that while on tour, he’s had professional sound guys tell him that it’s one of the best “Strat” sounding Strats they’ve ever heard.









Ibanez “starter” bass

Not quite an entry level instrument anymore following addition of string through high mass bridge, upgraded tuners, 3-band Aguilar preamp (18 volt), Holland Musical Instruments hand-wound pickups and a Fiesta Red nitro lacquer finish! This baby


                              Photo coming



1965 Harmony Rocket

Found in a junk store for $25.00, completely unplayable. Restoration included fret board repair, re-fret, add (all original replacements) bridge, tuners, strap button, control knobs and pick guard (modern repro, which I judiciously aged). Finish will be left as-is. Mucho mojo and it plays and sounds GREAT!


                             Photo coming




1976 Les Paul belonging to Larry Savage of “Totally Savage” fame

The neck is a replacement following a fall and break many years ago. The replacement fret board did not have the frets measured properly, leaving the guitar impossible to play in tune. Larry wanted/needed a new quilted maple fret board and a tobacco sunburst re-finish of the plain maple top, as well as a bridge replacement to a high mass Gotoh roller bridge for enhanced sustain. It plays like a dream now, and looks outstanding!


                             Photo coming





 ***(All Photos being updated!)

Holland Handmade Bass and Bluboibass were created for a simple reason; I want to provide bass guitar players with an affordable alternative in keeping their instrument playing properly and to offer high-end handmade bass guitars at affordable prices.

I have been playing bass since 1973, and actively play in Atlanta on a regular basis. I know what is needed to keep a bass in top shape so that playing it is enjoyable and your bass is dependable.  I also understand what a bass player wants and expects from their instrument.

As a luthier I offer all routine repairs and set up/intonations. But I take it a big step further and offer “hot-rod” options that can make a big improvement in ANY bass.  Are you tired of the “entry-level” bass that you’re playing, but don’t have $400-$600 to take the next step into a better one? Did you know that for hundreds less, I can make your “entry-level” bass sound as good as the more expensive ones? Converting from passive to active electronics does not have to be horribly expensive. Have you considered the sustain advantage from adding a new bridge and converting to “through-body” stringing? The tonal improvement is amazing! New pots and wiring can also make a HUGE difference for NOT HUGE dollars. New tuners are another popular upgrade to keep you from having to do that annoying tuning thing during a song.  

If you’re truly happy with the way your bass feels, but just wish it had more guts, there are many modifications that can make you a happier bass player. From mild to outright weird, I can do anything you can conceive of. Or I might tell you that while it SOUNDS like a cool idea, it might not work. I have experimented with countless configurations and modifications over the years and have probably had as many mistakes as successes, so I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. The most important thing is that I’ll TALK with you and explore ideas. If you have no idea what you want, I’ll offer suggestions and explain what the expected outcome will be.

Here are some suggested projects (price quotes are complete and include parts and labor):

A)       Need more punch? How about converting to an active electronic system. Prices start at $85.00 for 9 volt 2 way eq.

B)       OK, you’ve got the punch, but need more sustain. Try a heavier bridge and a “through-body” stringing conversion.    Starting at $80.00

C)       Adding decent pots, better wiring, grounding and shielding to your baby starts at just $60.00

D)       The “Whole Freakin’ Thing” –active eq., new bridge with “through-body” stringing, new pots, wiring and shielding starts at a mere $210.00

Truth is, you can get even wilder by going with top end pickups, killer 3 way eq., etc., etc. and pretty soon you’re way past the price of the higher end bass that you were thinking about in the first place. But, some people REALLY love their bass, and want their bass to sound like a “boutique” bass while still coming in way less that a “boutique” price. Hey, the sky’s the limit!

I also offer body modifications such as routing for new pickup configuration, new pick guard design, shaving the neck, headstock modification and re-finishing. Whatever you can think of (or I might suggest) to give your bass the one-of-a-kind look you’re after.    


Did I mention that I wind my own pickups? I use them in some of my handmade basses, and I do re-winds in select cases. Prices for re-winds start at $45.00 and new hand wound Holland Handmade pickups (single coil) start at $75.00





Contact Jonathan Holland  : 770.789.4014 (a.k.a "Brutha Boots")