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“Hey Jonathan,

Just wanted to let you know the bass sounds awesome! I brought it to band practice yesterday and it thumped like a mother. Much better output and more musical than before. Kudos!  It plays very well too. Great action and set up. Thanks again!”

(Mexican Jazz Bass-did a “Super” setup and installed new HMI “Vintage Spec” pickups)

From Frank Lisco



“This is the second time I’ve busted this headstock, and Jonathan has fixed it both times. Second repair is same as the first-he gave it back to me and DAMN!, it looks like it NEVER really happened! Good times!”

From JPH-“Deed of Attack” (Ibanez with a broken headstock repair and re-finish):




“The bass is fantastic. How nice it is to have a perfectly calibrated instrument. Makes playing seem effortless.”

 From Robert Pope-“Premonition” (Jazz Bass setup):



"Years back, I traded an old guitar for a 1986 Japanese Strat; one of the best playing Strats I’ve ever picked up. Unfortunately, the kid I traded with had made a ridiculously bad attempt at “relicing” the guitar, absolutely destroying a fine, age checked lacquer sunburst finish. Since it needed a re-finish, I decided to go with a different look, specifically Hendrix’s “Woodstock” Strat. I consulted with Jonathan and asked if the existing patina and checking could somehow be reproduced. It had 22 years of honest age on it, and I didn’t want the refinish to look brand new. The “Olympic White” nitro and white pick-guard set the stage, but Jonathan’s judicious relicing techniques really set it off. The “aged” look of the finish and pick-guard look totally natural and he even got the lacquer to check just like a 22 year old lacquer finish would be expected to.

I have a hard time convincing folks that it’s been re-finished at ALL!

Thanks dude!”

 - JPH -

Deed Of Attack



"I broke the headstock of my cherished 30 year old Alvarez 12 string. The break was on the back, right behind the nut. When I met with Jonathan about the repair, he took the time to inspect the damage, and assess the repair plan. When I got my guitar back, you couldn't tell it had ever been damaged. Jonathan hit a home run with the repair of my precious Alvarez.

Highly recommended and worth every cent."

- Moose Evans -

The Aggressors



"Jonathan’s superior attention to detail, craftsmanship and professionalism are such that I’ve trusted him with my guitars now for over a year.   I bought a Carvin "drop in" set for a Peavey “Predator” a few years back, and while loving the single coils, the hum bucker in the bridge position wasn't cutting it.  Jonathan installed a Seymour Duncan "Custom Custom" for the bridge along with upgraded tuners, full shielding, new 5-way selector and cleaned up the wiring so the guitar was "road ready". Now it SMOKES!  

"His setup of this guitar is ROCKIN’!! " 

Thanks Jon.

- Larry Savage September 2008 -    

Totally Savage Band



"Jonathan works on all my guitars from simple checkups to fret jobs. They always play 100% better when he gets done doing what he does. He is meticulous about his work and treats my guitars just like they belong to him. Matter of fact he's working on my Les Paul as we speak, and I can't wait to get it back !!"


 - Roger Shepheard -

The Shufflejunkies





"Brutha Boots"




Contact Jonathan Holland  : 770.789.4014 (a.k.a "Brutha Boots")